I've been milling and building with reclaimed urban trees for 15 years. Once a concept, now a full time craft; I have the pleasure of producing products built to last. Beautiful, durable and original. 

Dan Mayerer

A native to Asheville North Carolina, it was easy to fall in love with trees. From planting hundreds of them along our city streets, greenways, neighborhoods and parks, to admiring their beauty as lumber and interior woodwork. My goal is to repurpose/recycle urban trees and craft lasting-beautiful work. 

The Woodshop

   An old friend and I built a shop on the site of an old tobacco barn, 2400 square feet and growing. There's plenty of room for large projects in Wood, Metal and Stone. With 12' ceilings and ample tooling, few projects are too big for the facility. 

The Sawmill
The Kilns

  The sawmill allows us to have ample material on hand for any sized project; with uniform thickness, color and matching grain. It also allows for some very large and very old trees to be reused instead of becoming firewood! The mill can be set up on a clients property and be used to repurpose almost any size tree or  timbers from old buildings. 

    The kilns use passive solar heat to dry the lumber to 8% moisture content. It helps the wood to stabilize and kills most types of burrowing insect that may be present. The windows for the kiln are tempered glass salvaged from a construction site in Manhattan!


Asheville/ Western NC

  The oldest mountains in the world meets a temperate climate. As one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth at this latitude, the types of trees are seemingly endless. A wonderful place to get outdoors to be inspired and a great place furnish your home or business with something uniquely  Appalachian.